As Christians who write, we meet together to promote unity and fellowship, to encourage one another and to develop our skills as writers. We are a chapter of American Christian Writers, a national organization.

We meet at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, 1 block south of Patterson Avenue at 8701 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229 in Room 211.

We typically meet on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sizzling Summer Series - Trademark and Copyright

Law Offices of Cheryl L. Black
For Immediate Release
Contact: Cheryl L Black

Sizzling Summer Series
Teleconferences on Hot Issues
Affecting Trademark and Copyright Owners

Glen Allen, Virginia - Call in every Thursday at 12:30PM (EST) in the month of August to hear 30-minute informative presentations on trademark and copyright issues. Attorney Cheryl L. Black, 18-year veteran in the area of intellectual property law, will enlighten listeners on trademark protection and infringement, publishing agreements, tips for maintaining federal trademark registrations, and how the fair use doctrine applies on the internet. There is no registration fee. Visit our blog to
sign up for one or all of the following teleconferences.

Safeguard Your Trademarks: They're More Valuable than You Realize (August 6, 2009)

Demystifying Publishing Agreements: Negotiating a Book Contract from the Writer's Perspective (August 13, 2009)

Tips for Obtaining and Maintaining a Federal Trademark Registration: Common Pitfalls to Avoid Before and After Filing (August 20, 2009)

When it's Fair to Use: Clarifyng the Copyright Fair Use Doctrine for Internet Users (August 27, 2009)

Law Offices of Cheryl L. Black handle trademark counseling, searching, prosecution, licensing, and maintenance. Domain name registration and enforcement. Copyright counseling, registration, and licensing. Publishing contracts and negotiations. We represent individuals and businesses and assist law firms and corporations as a service provider for the intellectual property needs of their clients and organizations.

Law Office of Cheryl L. Black 4860 Cox Road Suite 200 Glen Allen VA 23060

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The AuthorizeMe Seminar

The AuthorizeMe Seminar is ready to launch you into your publishing future for the fourth year in a row at Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center. Immediately following the new Arts & Communicators Spiritual Retreat, you’ll have 9 hours of coaching instruction helping you get your book idea out of your head, down onto paper, completely outlined, and into a professional book proposal format.

Please e-mail Sharon Elliott, AuthorizeMe founder and CEO, with your intention to attend at AuthorizeMe@sbcglobal.net

. We need a minimum number of attendees, so I need to hear from you right away. Please let me know you’re coming by August 6th.

(Send your intention to attend. Registration for the seminar is handled directly through www.AuthorizeMe.net and will begin in late August.)

Here are the AuthorizeMe particulars:

Price includes an overnight stay, 3 meals, and seminar tuition.

Dates: October 1 – 2, 2010
¨ Single occupancy = $375 per person
¨ Double occupancy = $325 per person (must have your own roommate)
¨ Triple occupancy = $295 per person ( “ roommates)
¨ Quad occupancy = $275 per person ( )


And don’t forget the new Arts & Communicators Spiritual Retreat -
Ignite the Passion of your heart

September 28-30, 2009 - A Unique Writer’s Retreat
New affordable two day format
with the option of adding a third day for additional content.

Retreat rates begin at $258 per person (quad occupancy) and include 2 nights lodging, all meals, sessions, specialty tracks and activities. ($269 triple, $289 double, $299 single)
Three night package: Single $449 / Double $434 / Triple $404 / Quad $387

Register for the retreat directly with Sandy Cove.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings
101 Stories of Gratitude, Fortitude, and Silver Linings

This follow-on book to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People continues Chicken Soup for the Soul's focus on inspiration and hope in these difficult times. These inspirational stories remind us that each day holds something to be thankful for -- whether it is having the sun shine or having food on the table. Power outages and storms, health scares and illnesses, job woes and financial insecurities, housing challenges and family worries test us all. But there is always a silver lining. The simple pleasures of family, home, health, and inexpensive good times are described.

We are looking for true stories and poems written in the first person of no more than 1,200 words. Stories can be serious or humorous, or both. They should not have been previously published by Chicken Soup for the Soul or other major publications.

Here are a few suggested topics:

How you count your blessings or express your gratitude
What made you realize that your life is good and that you are grateful
Silver linings that you have discovered in the midst of challenging events
What is really valuable in your life
Major life changes or events for which you are grateful
How you spread the message of gratitude to your family and friends
The joy of simple pleasures
The unexpected benefits of health challenges or other life changes

This book is in the process of being completed and will go to the printer in September for publication in October! It is a featured Chicken Soup for the Soul title for Christmas 2009. The deadline for submissions is soon, so if you can submit quickly you have a better chance than normal of being chosen.

If your story is chosen, you will be a published author and your bio will be printed in the book if you so choose. You will also receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth more than $100. You will retain the copyright for your story.



Saturday, July 11, 2009



2:45 to 3:45: Martha Young:
"Grammar and Writing"

4:00 TO 5:00: Martha Young:
“A Hands-on Session”

Speaker Bio:

Martha Young works for the English Language Program at VCU and is both a Teacher Mentor Coordinator and language teacher frequently teaching Writing. She has been in English As a Second Language with an MA TESL for more than 15 years. Prior to that she was in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Young has lived in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kentucky, Bermuda, Washington DC and Thailand. She has traveled to Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Macau, Ireland, England, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and most recently to Turkey. When not moving or traveling, Martha delights in learning from the international students at VCU, in poetry that's accessible, and talking about international politics and religion Her other interests include her 2 children and their interests, cooking good food, conflict analysis and resolution, music and neuro-linguistics.

Remaining 2009 Schedule:
Sunday, August 16;
Sunday, September 20;
Friday night & Saturday, October 16-17*;
Saturday, November 14 (2nd Saturday) 4th Annual Family Dinner.
No meeting in December.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Writing Short Fiction For Anthologies

by Lee Masterson

One of the best ways to get your creative ideas flowing is tosearch through calls for submissions into anthologies. Anthologies are generally collections of short stories based around a central theme.

While the pay rate for fiction published in anthologies is generally not high, there are many advantages to writing for these compilation markets.

1. You have a new published credit to add to your portfolio.

2. You can stimulate your own creativity by reading through the submission guidelines of anthologies that interest you.

3. You have the opportunity to break out of writer's block bywriting something short on a topic created by someone else.

4. You can learn to hone your writing skills by mastering the shortstory.

5. You are able to show a future novel editor that you're able to write.

6. You get that unique warm-fuzzy-proud feeling of being able to hold the completed book in your hand once it's published.

7. You might actually receive a check for a few extra dollars!

There are plenty more reasons why writing for anthologies can behugely beneficial for all writers, but these are the main ones that came to mind. Now we've looked into why writing and submittingshort fiction to these markets can be a good thing, what happens ifthe story you write isn't accepted?

Potentially, any anthology editor is going to receive severalhundred submissions for a book that can only hold 20 or 25 stories.

How can you increase your chances of getting your story accepted?

Let's look into some things you should remember when you're dealingwith anthology editors.

The object of most anthology collections is to compile severalstories that revolve around a central theme or genre. Most editorsare very thorough about telling writers exactly what kind of storythey want to see. They usually make a huge mention of the thingsthey don't like or things they won't accept too. Keep those limitations in mind when it comes time to write.When you're browsing through lists of anthology markets, try tostick to themes or genres that you enjoy or that you feel you couldwork for you.

Light a Spark
As you read through each set of guidelines, you'll notice that somejust won't appeal to you, however there will be others that light abit of a spark within the creative part of your mind. Write downthe first idea that comes to you surrounding those particularguidelines and then see if there's room to expand on that idea.

Think Outside the Box
Always keep in mind that the most obvious idea that pops into yourhead is very likely to be the similar to every other submissionthat editor will receive. Take a careful look at your original ideaand see where you can add a unique twist or if you can approach thesituation from a fresh angle.The more unusual or unexpected your story line is, the more chanceyou have of making your tale stick in the editor's mind.

Submit Early
Most anthology listings have a clear deadline by which yoursubmission needs to reach the editor's desk. Many writers tend toleave their submissions until the last possible moment. If youimagine several hundred submissions landing on that editor's deskwithin a couple of days, how focused do you think that poor editoris going to be after reading through them all?

If you can get your story submitted early then you have a much bigger chance of the editor reading it with fresh eyes without the distraction of all those other submissions.

It's surprising how many writers create beautiful stories and thencan't find the courage to submit them to a market. Be brave andsend your story out the door!

Finding Anthology Markets
There are plenty of sites offering anthology listings. One of thebiggest genre anthology listings is www.ralan.com/antho/index.htm .

Do a simple search on any search engine and you'll be sure to findplenty of places offering submission guidelines for these under-rated markets.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lee Masterson is a freelance writer from South Australia. She isalso the editor of Fiction Factor - an online magazine for writers, offering tips and advice on getting published, articles to improveyour writing skills, heaps of writer's resources and much more.http://www.fictionfactor.com


For many more articles check out Writing 101http://www.worldwidefreelance.com/writing.htm

Utmost Christian Writer Poetry Contest

Utmost Christian Writer is sponsoring a poetry contest. This contest allows poems posted on the internet to be included as "unpublished." Still need to read the rules carefully, though!

1. This contest is open only to Christians. It is open to all Christians. You do not need to be a member of Utmost Christian Writers to enter this contest, but you must be a Christian believer.

2. Send up to five (5) poems with your entry fees to: Utmost Christian Writers Poetry Contest, 121 Morin Maze, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6K 1V1 (Do not send entries by email.)

Make your check payable to: Utmost Christian Writers (You have the option of paying by cash, check, international money order or on-line: see Rule #8). Please note that your poetic entries must be sent to us by regular postal mail—with an official entry form—even if you pay your fees by Internet.

FIRST PRIZE: $500.00
THIRD PRIZE: $200.00
HON. MENTIONS (7): $100.00 each
(Christian theme required for this prize only)

Here's the link for more details: http://www.utmostchristianwriters.com/poetry-contest/poetry-contest-rules.php

Sunday, July 05, 2009

RCWW October Writers Conference

Mark your calendar now for the RCWW October Writers Conference October 16 & 17!

The October conference has yet to be finalized, but set aside Friday evening the 16th and Saturday the 17th. We’ll fill in the details in the weeks to come. Be prepared by being prayed up! Get the word out!

Invite fellow church members to join our group.