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Monday, December 08, 2008

Maximizing Your Web Presence, Take a Survey and a Reminder

This month's issues of WM.com offers these great tips for how to maximize your internet presence using networks and online communities.

How to Make a Friend:
-Click on another person's profile.
-Under the person's profile pic, there should be an Add Friend button.
-Click on the Add Friend button.
-Once you do this, a friend request will go to the person's community home page, where he or she will approve or deny the friend request.
-There are many reasons a person might deny a friend request, but the most common may be that the person doesn't know you and/or thinks you could potentially be a spammer. So to improve your chances of having your friend request approved, you could send a message introducing yourself. (Of course, if you're already friends with someone, it's still a good idea to send a message from time-to-time to just be friendly.)

How to Send a Message:
-Click on another person's profile.
-Under the person's profile pic, there should be a Send Message button.
-Click on the Send Message button.
-Type in a subject in the subject line and type a message in the Your Message box.
-Once you're happy with your message, click the Send Message button.

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