As Christians who write, we meet together to promote unity and fellowship, to encourage one another and to develop our skills as writers. We are a chapter of American Christian Writers, a national organization.

We meet at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, 1 block south of Patterson Avenue at 8701 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229 in Room 211.

We typically meet on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us!

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Monday, May 26, 2008


From Joanne Liggan:

Hello Fellow Writers!

I want to welcome you as a participating author of this year's festival. In an effort to make sure your experience is a good one, I want to keep you updated about the progress we are making on the event. Please feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns you might have.

Your table space is your responsibility to decorate. Since marketing is such an important part of selling, we are awarding a prize for the best display, so be creative. The judging criteria is which display is likely to sell the most books, not how elaborate or pretty it is.

On your registration form, if you indicated you would donate a book for the door prizes, please send your book(s) as soon as you can. I am adding pages to the program with pictures of the donated books so those who donate will receive a little extra promotion. Mail your book(s) to:

Hanover Book Festival
C/O Joanne Liggan
8201 N Shall Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

If I receive the books before the program goes to print (July 1), they will be included. After that date, I will not be able to add any more.

Also, if you signed up for the one-on-one interview with a publisher or agent, you may visit the website at www.hanoverbookfestival.com and view the four we have scheduled to attend.

Publishers and Agents are:
Karen Syed with Echelon Press
Dave Smitherman with Palari Publishing
Robert Pruett with Brandylane Publishers
Lisa Hagan with Paraview Literary Agency

Send an e-mail to me with your first and second preference. I will TRY to accommodate each of you with your choice, but it is not guaranteed. If too many request one particular publisher or agent, I will need to change some of you to whomever has an opening.

If you want to talk to more than one, send in the extra $15 for your second choice. To be fair to everyone and give everyone a chance to talk to at least one, your second choice will be scheduled after everyone has been scheduled for their first interview. If we run out of time-slots, your second $15 payment will be refunded.

We have added another workshop! If you signed up prior to May 15, the registration form did not include our third workshop. Novelist Kathleen Mix will be presenting "From Bahamas to Bookshelf: Building a Suspense Novel" (see details on the website). If you wish to participate in this workshop, please send in your check for $20 with a note requesting a reservation, and I will add it to your registration form.

Thank you for registering. I look forward to seeing you in August!

Joanne Liggan
Hanover Book Festival Committee Chairman
Author/Public Speaker/Instructor

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