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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mary Clark Toots Her Horn

Well, Tom, it's been the longest dry spell of my 25-year writing life. At times in the past 18 months, I thought I'd never be published again. This followed the death of my mother, a part of grief I never would have expected.

In [recent] mail, there was a large envelope from Focus on the Family addressed to me. Normally, they address our mail to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Clark. I wondered what was up. When I finally got around to opening the envelope, I was stunned to see a letter addressed to "Dear Author," thanking me for my contribution to this month's Focus on the Family Teen Phases magazine. I looked through the magazine, completely puzzled, having no memory of submitting anything to them. But there on the next-to-the-last page was a paragraph I wrote (who knows when) on "Celebrating heritage." It detailed how our family celebrates "Gotcha Day" each July since that's the month we adopted each of our children, three years apart.

No pay for the piece, but it did more to encourage me in writing than any royalty check I've ever received. Maybe the dam has finally broken and the words will once again start to flow.

I think I may have heard of this writing opportunity on the CWG list ... or maybe from you when you passed it along to us. Do you remember?

Thanks for all you do,

Mary Roberts Clark, writer
"Celebrating Heritage" - Focus on the Family Teen Phases
"Why Me, Lord?" - Cup of Comfort
"Miz Organization" - Homeschooling Today

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