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Friday, February 23, 2007

Extended Deadline, Good Morning Christian Writer Devotion

Dear Tom,
I have just received a reply from Crystal Murray, who is still planning to publish Good Morning Christian Writer, "a compilation of 366 daily devotions for Christian writers, each of which will be followed by a short writing exercise. The devotions will run from 150 to 250 words and the exercise from 150 words" (quoted from the email you forwarded to us on 8/3/06).

This is the one I mentioned Sunday at RCWW. The deadline has been extended beyond the February 27 that I reported.

According to Crystal:
"I will go ahead and re-date the deadline to April 30th if you tell your group and I will try to get the blog updated to reflect that tonight."

Check her blog: Good Morning Christian Writer for guidelines and samples. Her email is: morningwriter@gmail.com.

Because I followed up, I learned that my submission has been accepted:) Hooray! Crystal was gracious enough to crit my devotion and send it back for me to consider her suggested revisions. Can't beat that! I just KNOW that there are many others in our group who could provide contributions. Especially your Marble Movers. (This means that Marti Berger and I both have been accepted. Maybe others about whom I do not yet know.) :)

For anyone who wants to learn how to use the Track Changes method of electronic editing for Microsoft Word (that Crystal uses as well as many editors):


I am forever grateful to Gina Welborn of RCWW for providing this tool. It's a MUST tool for writers, in my opinion. Once you use it you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. And it was there all the time!

Thanks for a great meeting. Isn't it wonderful to have so many people and bask in their knowledge and encouragement?!

In Christ,
Judi Reid

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