As Christians who write, we meet together to promote unity and fellowship, to encourage one another and to develop our skills as writers. We are a chapter of American Christian Writers, a national organization.

We meet at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, 1 block south of Patterson Avenue at 8701 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229 in Room 211.

We typically meet on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Writer's Digest Poetry Contest

Dear Christians Who Write:

Although there is an entry fee for this contest, Writer's Digest is a reputable contest. However, read the guidelines completely to be sure you want to enter. We have some good poets in our group, so there it is reasonable that some of you can walk off with the prize money.


Dear Newsletter Subscriber:

We're pleased to announce the only WD competition exclusively for poets, the Writer's Digest Poetry Awards! Regardless of style--rhyming, free verse, haiku and more--if your poems are 32 lines or fewer, we want them all. Submit your entries by
the December 20, 2006 deadline ... and your words could be worth cold hard cash!

First Place: $500
Second Place: $250
Third Place: $100
Fourth Through Tenth Place: $25
Eleventh Through Twenty-Fifth Place: $50 gift certificate to
Writer's Digest Books

Plus, the names and poem titles of all First- through Tenth-Place winners will be printed in the August issue of Writer's Digest, and all winners will receive a copy of the 2007 Poet's Market.

For guidelines and to enter online visit this link today!

Tips to Winning Writing Contests

Dear Christians Who Write:

This was passed along to me. As always, read the guidelines and contractual agreement you may be entering. Sorry to say, I'm not able to read all the detail that comes to me, but even if you do not enter any of these contests the information is good. Thanks to Mary Moss for sharing this information.


The 4th Margaret Reid Poetry Contest for Traditional Verse is now open. A total of $4,500 in cash prizes will be awarded. Please visit this site OR this site for full details.

Early entries will have an advantage. Why? I explain this in my book Write Ways to Win Writing Contests, but briefly:

  1. Because of the fewer number of entries received daily, judges have far more time to read, consider, re-read, savor and think about particular entries.
  2. In contests where there are two or more judges, ALL the judges will read ALL the early entries. This means that if one judge likes your work, that judge will go to bat for it even if the other judges are not as enthusiastic.
  3. Often a poem takes time to germinate in a judge's mind. A first reading may seem to make little impression, but certain phrases, certain ideas, certain images lodge in the mind and are recalled long after seemingly more significant entries are forgotten. Every judge I know (including me) has wasted an enormous amount of time hunting through reject baskets, looking for particular poems that are suddenly recalled.
  4. Most judges like to set standards and this is done quite early in a Contest. Tim Tyro may send in a poem called "A Lost Romance" which really appeals to the judges. Lots of other entries on this theme will follow, but the judges will measure all those entries against "A Lost Romance". Even if another entry is actually better in fact it will often be discarded because the judges will give "A Lost Romance" the benefit of familiarity and will tend to discount the freshness or the imagination present in a rival piece.

So you have a lot to gain by lodging entries early and not putting it off until the last few weeks.

On to other news. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the trade edition of Sailing in the Mist of Time: 50 Award-Winning Poems from the Margaret Reid Contest has been postponed to mid-2007. The present beautiful edition, however, will remain on direct sale at Lulu. The price is less than $10. Excellent value! Please use this link.

One of the reasons the trade edition has been postponed was the distributor's thought that the present book of 50 poems was not large enough for sale in the nation's bookstores. So we will add the winning poems from the now-judging Tom Howard Poetry Contest as well as the winning poems from this new Margaret Reid Contest. The distributor wants a big book, so he will get a big book!

This, however, could be the last time that traditional print publication is offered!

Regarding the Tom Howard Poetry Contest, your judges are hard at work, evaluating entries. Official results will be announced on February 15, 2007. However, if you have won a cash prize, you can expect to hear from us in the next month or so.

The Tom Howard Short Story and Essay Contest is now open. Please visit this link OR this link for full details. $3,200 in prizes, including a First Prize of $1,200. If you plan to enter, it's a good idea to take a look at our new Anthology entitled Watching Time. This newly published anthology of prize-winning stories and essays from recent Tom Howard Short Story Contests is now on sale at Amazon (and other book stores). The recommended retail price is $12.95, a bargain for a trade paperback of 208 pages containing no less than fifteen award-winning stories and essays. If you click on the link Watching Time above, it will take you straight to Amazon. (Of course you can also buy direct from the publisher at Lulu.com).

More Info On Marlene Bagnull Conference

This is a reprint of the original notice with follow-up info following:

Shenandoah Christian Writers Conference

Dear Christian Writers,

Our Shenandoah Christian Writers group will be sponsoring a conference featuring Marlene Bagwell in Harrisonburg Va. at Westside Baptist Church on March 9-10, 2007. Plans at this time include a Friday afternoon critique session followed by dinner and workshops. Saturday will include a full day of workshops.

Marlene wrote the Bible Study for Christian writers called Write His Answer. She also sponsors national conferences in Philadelphia, Penn. and Colorado every year. She has spent a great deal of time learning from, as well as teaching, many famous Christian authors. A book table will be featured.

What a great gift to give or receive for Christmas!

More details to come!

Grace and Peace,


Early Bird Registration:

The "early bird" price before Jan. 31, 2007 will be $60. The regular registration will be $70. The price will go up after that, but I have forgotten the specifics. This will include a group critiquing session with Marlene on Friday afternoon. A pizza and salad dinner on Friday evening. Friday evening sessions with Marlene. On Sat., there will be a continental breakfast and box lunch. Sessions with Marlene speaking will go all day, ending at 5 pm.

Marlene will be bringing boxes and boxes of free materials.

Keep an eye open for more details.


Friday, November 10, 2006

November Meeting Notice

Richmond Christians Who Write

"Write the vision, and make it plain..." Hab. 2:2.

12114 Walnut Hill Drive, Rockville, Virginia 23146
Telephone: 804-749-4050 FAX 804-749-4939

E-mail: RichmondCWW@aol.com
Blog: http://rcww.blogspot.com

Rev. Thomas C. Lacy
Founder - President

Barbara Baranowski

Marie Corso

Michael Rew
Blog Master

November 7, 2006


Our next meeting will be November 19th, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Grove Avenue Baptist Church. NOTE: Enter the church through the rear entrance closest to the Ridge Road side of the building. Upon entering, look for the first hallway on your right. Go into the first room on your left: Room 166.

Write More Impactful Articles for Publication

Learn how to target your articles for specific markets, focus your writing to connect with your audience, and evoke the senses in every aspect of your article.

The November meeting of Richmond Christians Who Write will feature RCWW members Cheryl Black and Becky Gray who recently attended the Sandy Cove Christian Writer's Conference.

Cheryl and Becky will lead two interactive sessions for the group, "Adding the Senses to Your Writing" (2:45-3:45) and "Getting Your Message Across" (4:00-5:00).

Bring a non-fiction article you've been working on and plan to apply new techniques to help move you closer to publication.

Another November Writers Workshop

On Tuesday, November 28th at 7PM, Author Stacy Hawkins Adams will be visiting Glen Allen Library to discuss "Writing Inspirational Fiction in a Mainstream World." This will be followed by a book signing. You can get additional info by calling 756-7523.

2006 Meeting Schedule

No December Meeting. Our next meeting will be January 21, 2007.

Regular Monthly Meeting Schedule

2:00-2:15 Sign In and Fellowship
2:15 Opening Prayer
2:15-2:45 Introductions and Announcements
2:45-3:45 Speaker or Workshop
3:45-4:00 Refreshments and Fellowship
4:00-4:55 Critique (Bring 20 copies, typed, double spaced)
4:55-5:00 Closing Prayer


Dues, in the amount of $20.00 will cover membership from January through December 2007. They may be paid at our monthly meetings or mailed to: Richmond Christians Who Write, 12114 Walnut Hill Drive, Rockville, VA 23146.

See you on November 19th!


Article and Resosurce from Pete Mallett

Hey Tom,

I don't know why I didn't mention this to you sooner. I let several people know about it, but somehow I don't think I passed it on to you.

I have an article on a web site called, will write 4 food. The writing is called, "Story Sparklers", and it is about a third of the way down in the list on the main page. The article would probably interest your group because it directly relates to writing and creativity.

The site is run by Christy Barritt and some other Virginia writers. It is not a paying market for articles. If you provide your address, however, you will receive a large size of your favorite candy bar. As Christy put it, "After all this is will write for food!" It is a great site for information, tips, and testimony.

Have a great day,

Peter D. Mallett

Author Stacy Hawkins Adams - Nov 28th

Hi Tom,

I have some information you might want to share with our group. On Tuesday, November 28th at 7PM, Author Stacy Hawkins Adams will be visiting Glen Allen Library to discuss Writing Inspirational Fiction in a Mainstream World, this will be followed by a book signing. Even though it falls on a Tuesday it sounds like something we all might want to do together. I have all intentions of attending, regardless. You can get additional info by calling 756-7523.

God Bless you,


Congrats to Barbara Baranowski & Writing Ops

Hi Tom,

I do so much writing for Good News Mission that I forget to pass on good news about articles. I do so only to keep others motivated to write.

This month I have an article on two ezines: VictoryHerald.com and Richmond.com. Both are slated to be out isometime in November. God alone gets the glory for this. I want to remind others to that both places are hungry for our articles. Keep writing for Him.

Barbara Baranowski

Reid Reaps Rewards

Dear Marble Movers:

Some time back Judi told me she had enetered a poetry contest. She said it was the first poem she had written, and she won the contest. Judi said a part of her prize was a $75 discount on a writers conference (I believe). It did not register with me at the time that this was the same as being paid for writing. (Duh!)

Therefore, Judi is our third Marble Mover to publish for pay before 12/31/2006.

Sorry, Judi, for the delayed acknowledgement of accomplishing your goal as a Marble Mover.

God bless.