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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coming Soon: Independent Publishing House

Dear Christians Who Write:

I picked this notice up from Christian Writers Group, on online group I've been in since 1998. But like everything else, check the information out thoroughly.


Subj: [CWG] Following a Dream
Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2006 6:25:16 PM
To: CWG@yahoogroups.com

I have been lurking on this loop for quite a while, as I'm working on a number of projects. There is one I'd like to announce in case anyone might be interested.

An idea has been nagging at me for quite a while now, and after much prayer, I've finally decided this is the direction the Lord is leading me in. I'm going to establish a small, independent publishing house that specializes in the work of excellent writers who for one reason or another haven't had success breaking into the market, are having trouble getting another contract, or whose work falls outside
the scope of traditional publishing. At first I'm going to concentrate on fiction, but I may eventually include nonfiction works as well.

My aim is to overcome some of the major drawbacks that are inherent in both traditional publishing and self-publishing by creating a different paradigm. I want to give authors more control over what, when, and how they publish and help them to find the right niche markets for them as well as be able to access bookstores, libraries, and other traditional markets.

Actually, this really isn't as crazy a dream as it seems. I have eleven years of experience as an editor at a traditional publishing house, where I have access to designers, artists, and co-workers with much more experience in the business than I have. And as we all know, the Internet provides a multitude of resources, from networking to printing to marketing and beyond. It truly has revolutionized the way
we do business today and is steadily evolving. Incredible opportunities are opening up for all sorts of businesses, and I feel as if the time is ripe to get moving with something like this.

If any of this sounds interesting, I'm making the process public--and hopefully entertaining. Please go to publishingdream. hopefull hopeful follow along as I develop this idea step by step and hopefully turn it into reality. I'm discovering other authors out there with the same dream, and I'm hoping we can band together to make this a reality. I welcome your comments, ideas, and advice.


J. M. Hochstetler
lighting the past...and leading you home...

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