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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Call for Submissions: Good Morning Christian Writer

I am writing to inform you of a new project in the works that is already getting great feedback and which already has an interested publisher. If you are on the CLASServices e-mail list, or a few other lists where it has been posted, you may have seen this notice or even written for guidelines.

The project is currently titled, "Good Morning Christian Writer" and is planned to become a compilation of 366 daily devotions for Christian writers, each of which will be followed by a short writing exercise. The devotions will run from 150 to 250 words, and the exercises from 50 to 150 words. There are also plans for derivative works from the initial project.

The current deadline is September 30th, 2006, so if you are interested in contributing one or more submissions to the project, please send an e-mail to morningwriter@gmail.com and request the full guidelines. Feel free to tell me a little about yourself, or to include links to
your sites or other works, when you send your request.

I will be accepting multiple submissions and have sent out nearly 100 copies of the guidelines so far. Those who have already submitted something are saying they have already had a lot of fun with their creations, so this is your invitation to join them and have fun yourself. In addition to having fun and encouraging other Christian
writers, you will receive two contributor copies of the completed book.

One more thing ... I have created a blog for those interested to follow the progress of the book. Eventually, I plan to list the names and links of authors whose work has been accepted. The blog can be found at ... http://morningwriter.blogspot.com/ and I would love to get some feedback and comments on it as I walk you all through the experiences of this book.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Crystal A. Murray
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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