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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Writing Op from Louise Dumont

Dear Christians Who Write:

Louise has spoken to our group several times in the last few years.

Dear Colleagues

My latest WIP is tentatively titled, *If a Tux Could Talk: The Men Who Help Plan Their Weddings, and the Women Who Love Them For It*. For this project I will need newlyweds, and soon-to-be brides and grooms to fill out my questionnaire. I am particularly looking for humorous, poignant and unusual ways in which you or your groom participated in planning the wedding. I would also like to know how and when husbands began taking on the role of spiritual leader of the household -- the more detailed and descriptive the anecdotes the better.

Please pass this invitation on to other applicable persons.

Brief Book Description:
Today's groom is not afraid to order quiche tartlets for his reception or display a daisy boutonniere on his tux. Most couples are footing more than a third of their own wedding bill. Grooms both want and need to participate in the decision-making. If a Tux Could Talk: The Men Who Help Plan Their Weddings, and the Women Who Love Them For It reflects the changing role of a groom. Unlike many other groom guides, this book also addresses a young man's Godly desire to become the spiritual leader of the home, even as he values the talents and strengths of his bride.

More information can be found at the North Jersey Christian Writers Group blog. You may also email me about it at louisedumont@gmail.com.

Louise Bergmann DuMont

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