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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Share your old books

Dear Christians Who Write:

Here is a pass-along from mary moss. One word of caution, if you join either of these programs be certain all personal information is removed from the books or magazines you share. As a former jail chaplian I know of cases where inmates (and other undesireables) made personal contact with individuals circumventing the channel set up by the organization supporting the project. I am not saying this will happen, but i am saying remove all personal information that could lead someone back to you as a participant. I have not checked out any of this info.

Books for Soldiers is an organization that allows military personnel to make requests in an online forum, for books they would like to have. Books can be sent directly to them. Because items are being sent to military personnel, a notarized application is required and must be mailed to address provided prior to your making a donation. A bit of work, but a worthy cause.

Books Behind Bars is a regularly updated site the posts requests from prison libraries. Needs range from law dictionaries to Spanish-language novels. Looks like a pretty straight-forward process.

We're getting ready to purge our library at home and at church and I think it's rather timely that I came across information on these two sites in a magazine this afternoon.

Mary Moss
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