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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5 Marbles Poem: Gang of Five

Gang of Five

Each morn' upon awakening they're right up in my face
They steal my morning coffee and refuse to give me space
They tease and taunt and badger me, command instead of ask
They're rude and unforgiving and relentless in their task
They have me working overtime; depriving me of sleep
And mind-control they're using makes my own will hard to keep
I'm chased and overtaken then held captive in their grip
Till I swear them my allegiance and am joined in fellowship
It's beyond an oxymoron and it's hard to comprehend
But this ruthless gang of five has now become a faithful friend
They're a snare to my enjoyment and a weight unto my soul
And yet they also prod me on to stay persistent in my goal
As an oyster's pearl emerges through an irritant's pursuit
And pruning although painful does produce a better fruit
Once submitted to their discipline imagination flows
Ideas and concepts enter me and passion quickly grows
Then kissed and joined together, thoughts help words become alive
When the marble rules are utilized and counted one through five
The movement of each marble brings me closer to an end
For they count for time deposited and receive a dividend
Five steps towards my objective before the end of day
Makes my destination clear and keeps me focused on my way
The time and efforts minimal to bonuses I earn
So each morn' I now anticipate that "Gang of Five's" return!
~ by Marti Berger
Copyright May 9, 2006

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