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We meet at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, 1 block south of Patterson Avenue at 8701 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229 in Room 211.

We typically meet on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5 Marbles Support/Reward Story

Dear Christians Who Write:

Currently six RCWW members have qualified for the Move 5 Marbles-a-day project. And I assure you from the weekly reports I receive, they are working hard and working well.

Cheryl Black informed me her husband went to an antique store and purchased 5 large marbles and presented them to her as a token of his support of her efforts to get one or more articles published this year for pay.

If you are a dues-paying member who has yet to qualify for this project, let me know what I can do to help.


Roger Bruner Reports from the Blue Ridge

From Roger Bruner: mailto:REB1946@msn.com (Roger is one of our newest members at RCWW.)

Greetings! Even before I make my to do list for today, I want to share a brief report on the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference I attended this week.

This was my second year for attending the conference, but it proved even more worthwhile this year than last. And how it has grown! The 2005 conference had 200-plus participants; this year saw 400-plus! I heard someone say that the BRMCWC is now the fourth largest of its kind in the country.

There is no adequate way to describe the closeness and lack of competition among participants or the genuine interest, concern, and helpfulness shown by the faculty for each participant. The diversity was far greater than seen in many churches, and yet the feeling of family far greater.

And where else could I hang out with my two favorite contemporary Christian novelists, Al Gansky and Ray Blackston; have fifteen minute interviews with a number of editors and agents; attend relevant classes (two of my favorites had to do with preventing a "sagging middle" and keeping the tension alive); listen to such diverse inspirational addresses as the hilarious McNair Wilson about creativity and the tear-provoking Allison Bottke about her life up to initiating the GOD ALLOWS U-TURN series; share with, encourage, and be encouraged by our peers; and do a lot of good eating!

Anyone who wanted to could submit works to be critiqued at a minimum cost, and there was also a writing contest with awards given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and honorable mention in probably 12-15 different categories. The highlight of the week was the presentation of awards for the contest winners after the Wednesday night banquet and faculty talent show.

And now that I've said all that...*drum roll*...

I won first place (well, tied for first) in the NOVEL category for my manuscript FOUND IN THE TRANSLATION and 3rd in lyrics!!!

Ask me if I got any sleep Wednesday night after that! *laughing*

While it's a wonderful feeling to be acknowledged by both peers and writing professionals, one of the greatest things about the BRMCWC is that--no matter who wins or loses "officially"--there is a feeling that we are all winners as long as we're using our talents for the advancement of God's kingdom!

Maybe next year some of you can plan on going. If you're serious about writing, you won't regret the investment of time and money, even if it means making a sacrifice to attend!

Best regards,


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5 Marbles Poem: Gang of Five

Gang of Five

Each morn' upon awakening they're right up in my face
They steal my morning coffee and refuse to give me space
They tease and taunt and badger me, command instead of ask
They're rude and unforgiving and relentless in their task
They have me working overtime; depriving me of sleep
And mind-control they're using makes my own will hard to keep
I'm chased and overtaken then held captive in their grip
Till I swear them my allegiance and am joined in fellowship
It's beyond an oxymoron and it's hard to comprehend
But this ruthless gang of five has now become a faithful friend
They're a snare to my enjoyment and a weight unto my soul
And yet they also prod me on to stay persistent in my goal
As an oyster's pearl emerges through an irritant's pursuit
And pruning although painful does produce a better fruit
Once submitted to their discipline imagination flows
Ideas and concepts enter me and passion quickly grows
Then kissed and joined together, thoughts help words become alive
When the marble rules are utilized and counted one through five
The movement of each marble brings me closer to an end
For they count for time deposited and receive a dividend
Five steps towards my objective before the end of day
Makes my destination clear and keeps me focused on my way
The time and efforts minimal to bonuses I earn
So each morn' I now anticipate that "Gang of Five's" return!
~ by Marti Berger
Copyright May 9, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kevin Wayne Johnson, Give God the Glory Series

Friends of the Give God the Glory! book series:

On May 18th, book #5 in the multi-award winning Give God the Glory! series will be released at 2006 Book Expo America, African-American Book Pavilion, Washington, DC Convention Center. At this premiere, international book trade show, May 19-21, 2006 the book series will earn its eighth literary award - 2006 Christian Publisher of the Year - since the book series launched with its first release in the spring of 2001.

Through the end of this month, I am extending the 50% discount for pre-publication orders Your Role in Your Family. The price is only $4.00.

Book Summary:
A companion to book #4 in the series The Godly Family Life, this 56-page gift book is presented as a daily dose of Scripture to bring clarity to God's plan for His family. The role of the man, as husband and father, the role of the woman as wife and mother, and the role of the child - to obey and to honor their parents - are detailed through clear and concise exhortation by Christian author Kevin Wayne Johnson.

Genre(s): Religion/Christian Living/Gift/Family/Relationships
ISBN: 0-9705902-4-5 / 978-0-9705902-4-6
Trade Paperback / 56 pages Retail Price: $7.95 U.S. / $11.95 Canada

Dimensions: 5.5" x 6.5"
Publisher: Writing for the Lord Ministries
Distributor: Faithworks & Appalachian, a division of Send the Light, Ltd./INGRAM

To order, select quantity and mail checks/money orders to: 6400 Shannon Court, Clarksville, MD 21029.
(443) 535-0475

Thank you and God bless you!!
Kevin Wayne Johnson
Writing for the Lord Ministries
Author, Give God the Glory! book series
TV Host, Give God the Glory! Web cast:
(web log)

Michael Rew Published Again!

Dear Friends,

Good news! A friend and minister, Ken Bennett, who visits my home fellowship from time to time, has self-published a new book, In the Mist of the Garden. Six of my sonnets were included. Ken has an international ministry, and he gives away his books, so quite a few people around the world could read my poems!

My latest letter to the editor was published this past Sunday. My version was edited down slightly, but to good effect, so I have included their edited version below.

Your Brother In Christ,

Michael Rew

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I write to protest a temporary suspension of gasoline taxes. I love tax cuts, but this cut at this time would end badly.

One proposal would cut taxes 18 cents per gallon. Such a steep drop in prices would goad drivers to drive more, which would increase demand - thereby raising gasoline prices. Then consumers and politicians would cry out ever the louder that oil companies are gouging.

Heightened consumer anger might lead to ill-advised remedies, such as the windfall profits tax, which would be passed on to consumers, or price controls, which would lead to shortages.

Any tax cut, too, would result in less revenue to build and maintain highways. Rest assured: Congress will spend money for highways come budget time. Deficit-spending would surpass levels in the past session. More debt will require more tax revenue in the future. Current debt levels and forecasts already could lead to tax hikes few of us can imagine.

Suspend environmental controls. Allow for domestic drilling and construction of new refineries. Eliminate the car tax so newer and more fuel-efficient vehicles will be purchased. But leave gasoline taxes alone.


Michael Rew

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Comfort of a Mother's Soul

The Comfort of a Mother’s Touch

Twelve year old Charlie lay squirming in his bed. He turned to the left, but that wasn’t comfortable. He turned the other way, but he still couldn’t find the right spot. After 25 minutes of tossing and turning, he sat straight up in the bed. “That does it.” He said in exasperation. “I can’t do it. I will just have to lose the beat.”

He pulled back the covers, got out of the bed and crept down the hall to his parent’s room. The door was open. Just before he turned to walk in the room he heard, “Mommy, I can’t sleep. Can you tuck me in?”

Charlie barged into the room, and saw his 10 year old sister Mary standing in front their mom. “Aha. I caught you. I knew you couldn’t do it Mary. I knew you couldn’t make it one night without Mommy tucking you in.”

“I don’t care.” Replied Mary. “I didn’t want to bet anyway.”

“Well, you owe me $2.00.” Charlie grimaced.

“Charlie,” His mom, interrupting the sibling banter, said, “What are you doing up? It’s one hour past your bedtime. You’re usually sleeping by now.”

“Well...I decided to stay up to see if Mary would lose the bet.”

“Charlie, I don’t think that’s a good reason to stay up. Hurry back to bed while I tuck Mary in. We will discuss this bet of yours in the morning.”

Charlie didn’t move. He just stood there trying to figure out what to do next.

“Charlie,” His mom said, “go back to bed.”

“But. But.” Charlie mumbled. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” asked his mom.

“I need you to tuck me in, too.”

©2006 Cheryl Black

Marie Corso's new blog

Richmond Art and Soul

From time to time, I would take pictures or do something fun and then send the pictures and a description to several people, changing the words for each person.

No more! I am blogging my activities. I love to take pictures and uncover the beauty around here, so this is the perfect answer for me. Also, I can direct newcomers to some fun activities and give them directions, etc., about how to get there, or tell them what to expect when they do see the show, or whatever.

I have made a lot of mistakes setting it up and it is still not exactly right, but I will get it together before long.


ePodunk.com Research Site

Dear Christians Who Write:

Peter Mallet from Norfolk sent me this research web site to pass along to you.

Hey Everyone,

I just found a site that's fun, but could be quite helpful in wrting. It may be especially, helpful to those wrting novels. It's called ePodunk.com.

What it allows you to do is pick a state, then you can search, cities, counties, airports, cemeteries, colleges, libraries, museums, local newspapers, populations, local traditions, and more. This could be quite helpful even if your actual city is fictional, but you want the area you're creating to be realistic, I imagine being able to read local papers would be helpful even in creating believable characters. If you want to set it in a real area, why set it in a familiar area when you could set it in Onslow County, North Carolina? Of course it depends on the story. There are hundreds of other ways this could be useful, but since I know you are all creative I'll leave them up to you.

God Bless, Pete

Peter D. Mallett

Tidewater Christian Writers Forum >>

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mary's on a roll!

Tom, just wanted to thank you again for motivating me to get busy!

This week I've submitted four poems and two short stories to a total of three contests.

I'll also be submitting at least one entry in Writer's Digest after the critique group meets.

You continue to bless us all with your leadership and Christian service.

Divinely Designed
Mary Moss
for daily devotions
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Clarification of Five Marbles Project

Dear Christians Who Write:

I am still excited about the interest in my goal to help 10 RCWW dues-paying members publish an article or poem for pay by 12/31/2006. But I am evidently not stating the rules clearly based on the e-mails and calls I am getting for clarification. Let me try again.

My goal is to help 10 dues-paying members of RCWW (to date there are 33 who have paid dues for 2006) to publish one or more articles or poems by year's end. I am not saying only 10 can apply. In a previous post I stated if I can help 15 or 20 get one or more articles published I will greatly exceed my goal.

Of the 33 dues-paying RCWW members some have already been published for pay so they cannot be included in my current goal. They can, however, use the principles and hopefully improve their rate of publishing for pay as can all 215 people on my mailing list.

To be enrolled, a dues-paying RCWW member must practice the principles for five days and then submit a written report of their completion to me in order to become a part of my goal and receive concentrated help in getting published for pay for the first time.

To date, only four have qualified.

Hopefully this will clear up any unasked questions, but if not, let me hear from you.

I need at least 6 more or I cannot accomplish my goal.