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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Writing Opportunity: When God Steps In

Writer's Guidelines
WHEN GOD STEPS IN: Stories of Everyday Grace
Length: 800 words
Deadline: May 15, 2006

Premise: In My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers writes: "Faith must be tested, because it can only become your intimate possession through conflict." I'm seeking stories that reflect a turning point a distinct change that occurs as the result of God stepping into your circumstances.

I am seeking true stories from ordinary people husbands, wives, grandparents, sons, daughters, neighbors, friends--who have experienced a time when God intervened to teach a valuable lesson amid the hustle-bustle of life. While some stories will reflect an incident that changed only the person who experienced it, others' experiences have created ripples capable of impacting future generations.

As you consider sharing your own story, ask yourself how you have changed as a result of the experience. Was it a change of attitude toward another person? A change of heart toward God's role in your life? A career change led by the Lord? A more forgiving spirit? Perhaps you relocated as a result of God stepping in to direct you in a new direction. Or maybe He asked you to stay when you really felt like running away.

Please note that while we all love "miracle" stories, I am looking for unique, everyday situations as well stories that emphasize God's personal involvement in every facet of our lives. Some of the most life-changing events may seem "small" at first, until they sink in and change us. This book will minister to both believers and (hopefully) doubters, and I'd like them to see that God works in big and seemingly small ways. Each is a part of His bigger plan for our lives. Avoid the use of heavy "Christianese" that some might not understand. Speak of God in plain terms that will touch the hearts of both churched and unchurched readers.

Your story should convey an inner struggle or outer turmoil leading up to the life-changing moment. It must demonstrate a clear "Aha!" moment of some sort. Don't just narrate; show how it felt. Help readers feel your sense of stress or hopelessness. Show them how God stepped in to point you in a new direction. If God used others in your situation, please share dialogue as well. Perhaps you'll write about:

A moment when you allowed yourself the luxury of starting over
A moment when you supported someone with your silence
A moment when you learned something profound from a child
A moment when you conquered a long-standing fear
A moment when God clearly answered a desire of your heart
A moment when you viewed an everyday task in a new light
A moment when you set aside your pride and accepted help
A moment when you spoke up and made a difference
A moment when you found a new friend in the least-likely place
A moment when you gave up a grudge
A moment when God erased an emotional scar
A moment when a childhood memory lifted your spirits
A moment when a simple act of kindness made your day
A moment when a change of scenery made all the difference

To create a uniform flow, I will be rewriting all stories into third-person viewpoint. You will retain all rights to your original first-person account, and I will include an acknowledgment page that lists all fifty who contributed a story. Please send in a very brief bio (1-2 sentences) plus your website URL if you have one. DEADLINE to send stories is May 15. You may paste the text into the body of your email, or attach a MS Word file. Use WHEN GOD STEPS IN as your Subject line. (My email filter will thank you.) E-mail them to me at bonnie@bonniebruno.com.

I look forward to hearing how God has worked in your life!


Bonnie Bruno

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