As Christians who write, we meet together to promote unity and fellowship, to encourage one another and to develop our skills as writers. We are a chapter of American Christian Writers, a national organization.

We meet at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, 1 block south of Patterson Avenue at 8701 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229 in Room 211.

We typically meet on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us!

Click HERE for directions.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Critique Group Starting

Dear Christians Who Write:

One of our new members, Cheryl Black, has an immediate need to critiquing for a contest she is entering. I am endorsing her appeal as spelled out below. If this is successful, we just might use it as a model to expand our in house criting services to one another.

<< Hi Tom,

I plan to enter the 2006 Writer's Digest writing competition and the deadline for submissions is May 16th. See Writer's Digest for guidelines and entry forms. In preparation for the contest, I am looking to recruit a few RCWW members to join me for one of 3 critique writing sessions the week of May 8th. The purpose of the meetings is to review each other's work and give verbal and written feedback.

Critique Session - Dates and Times

Wednesday, May 10th, 11:30-1:30 PM

Thursday, May 11th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Friday, May 12th, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

The locations will be determined at a later date.

Session Guidelines

In order for each writer to benefit from this experience, each 2-hour session is limited to 4 writers.

Each writer will have 30 minutes to have their work(s) read and critiqued by the group.

Each writer must bring at least one manuscript (article, short story, poem, chapter, etc) for review

Each participant is required to critique the other writers' manuscripts (guidance for providing verbal and written feedback will be provided at the meeting)

Each participant is required to stay for the full 2-hour session.

Please have interested members respond directly to Cheryl Black via email by Friday, April 28th. The response should include participant's name, email, phone number, and which critique session(s) they are interested in attending.

On May 2nd, I will send out an email listing the name of the participants for each critique session and the location of the meetings.

Cheryl L. Black /clb/
email: ready-writer@comcast.net
phone: 804-364-3755 >>

The Rule of Five Marbles

April 24, 2006

Dear Christians Who Write:

Yesterday's meeting was one of the most exciting meetings we have had in our six year history. God's Holy Spirit taught things we have never learned in any of our meetings -- all due respect to previous meetings. And I want to share that with those of you who were not able to attend, and I want to challenge you as I was able to challenge those who were bole to attend. We had 14 visitors (a record) and 11 members -- 25 in attendance which was also a record for a monthly meeting.

I had my program planned more than a month ago, but this past Friday I read an e-mail from a writer friend that immediately challenged me. And the challenge fitted my planned program, How to Publish Articles. Now I want to extend the challenge to you.

(I shared the first part of my message in my friend's voice, and i ended my message in my voice with my challenge to you.)

Nikk wrote:

The Rule of Five Marbles

As you build your daily writing habits, the Rule of Five Marbles is a good thing to keep in mind. I first heard about this rule more than fifteen years ago when a published writer visited a local writing group and discussed how she was marketing and publicizing her new book. She said she tried to do five things every day that moved her closer to achieving her marketing goals

Each morning she mentally dropped five marbles into her left pocket. (Of course, you can use real marbles placed in your pocket.) As she went through the day, whenever she did something that helped publicize her book, she transferred a mental marble into her right pocket.

Her goal was to have all five marbles transferred by the time she went to bed. Recently I ran across the rule--minus the marbles--in Jack Canfield̢۪s new book, Success Principles.

Canfield in case you don't recognize the name, is one-half of the wildly successful Chicken Soup series. The other half being Mark Victor Hansen.

Canfield writes of the impact the Rule of Five had on the two authors after their first book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, came out. These two new-to-publishing authors set a goal of achieving bestseller status on the New York Times list. Not only that, they wanted to be number one. Were they successful? I guess it depends on whether you're one of those glass-half-full or glass-half-empty souls.

It didn't happen over night. It didn't happen over 365 nights. It took the combined efforts of the two men practicing the rule of five for two years, but yes, they made it and sold more than eight million copies in the process.

Their secret? Their sustained daily effort over time slowly grew into a momentous force that still propels their book into continuing sales even to this day and has led to the generation of a line of Chicken Soup for the Soul books and products for an ever-widening readership.

Maybe it's because the idea of transferring marbles is so visual, but for some reason it's had major Velcro power. I've never forgotten the anecdote. To this day I strive to keep the rule present on a daily basis.

Sometimes I use three marbles but usually I stick with the five. Doing three is easy but the last two marbles require a concentrated effort on my part if I'm going to get them transferred into the other pocket--another reason to strive for five.

Most of the time the goal attached to the marbles has to do with my current writing project and/or writing career. Even what appears to be the most insignificant action such as writing and sending a thank you note to an editor who rejected me has the power to move a marble.

Ordering research books for a writing project is another. Writing a scene, scribbling three draft pages, combing through Salley Stuart's Christian Writers' Marketing Guide and Writer's Digest for a new market, all have been marble-movers over the course of the last twenty years. The constant daily attention to my overall writing goal has helped me keep the marbles moving even in troubling times.

Now, I'm not perfect so I don't always make five. Sometimes only three marbles hop pockets, but even so, I've managed to move forward. I'm always further ahead than I'd been at the start of the day.

Then there are days that zero out by early evening. That's when I refocus and somehow manage to draw them out of the fire by reading at least five pages out of a writing book or scouring a writer's magazine for useful tips, or focus on a short story to see what techniques the author used.

Think about implementing the Rule of Five in your own writing life.

Tom's Challenge to RCW Members:

Tweak it to suit you, but remember that the aim is to take five action steps, however small, each and every day that will move you toward the accomplishment of your main goal.

Commit to practicing the rule for five consecutive days then ask yourself:

What could I accomplish if I moved five marbles from one pocket to the other daily?
Come back and tell me about it.

(Now, listen carefully to my guidelines. If you don't follow them, you will disqualify yourself from being a part of my goal.)

This is one of my goals:

To move 10 unpublished (dues-paying) RCWW members to publish one or more articles for pay by December 31, 2006.

I am looking for 10 unpublished-for-pay RCWW members who are committed to applying this principle by moving three or more of their marbles, on a daily basis, from one pocket to the other toward getting paid for publishing one or more articles by December 31, 2006. You must qualify by doing this successfully for five days and then telling me what you have accomplished by e-mail. The first 10 will be determined by the date and time registered on my e-mail, and you cannot apply prior to April 29, 2006, 12:01 a.m. I can only accomplish my goal through committed writers.

Disqualification: If you consistently transfer less than three marbles per day you will, in effect, remove yourself from my goal of helping you. I will replace disqualified writers as occasion allows.

I need serious, committed writers to help me accomplish my goal.

(Snail Mail Members: I must have your letter by May 5, 2006 to consider you for this adventure in writing.)

I look forward to hearing from all RCWW (dues-paying) Members.

Tom Lacy

Average Girl Magazine Hosts Author & Book Fair

Average Girl Magazine Hosts Author & Book Fair Symposium

Book lovers, come out and meet up-and-coming and well-established authors from the Richmond area, the South and Northeast as well as Essence magazine bestseller authors such as Nikki Swanson & Torrian Ferguson.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wyndham Hotel
4700 S. Laburnum Ave.
Richmond, VA

Book Fair Tickets: Free & Open to the Public

Workshops will be held in an effort to educate and inform aspiring writers about the business of writing and publishing. $10 entry fee for the workshops only.

Topics will include:

How to self-publish a book

Marketing 101: 10 Ways to Market your Book

So you want to write a book! Tips & Strategies

and much, much more!

Special Guest Workshop Facilitator at Precious Memories Bookstore from 6p- 8p: Omar Tyree, author of Do Right Man and Single Mom (limited seating available; must register for the workshop to attend).

To register for the writer's workshops, visit Average Girl Magazine.


Richmond's hottest poets will spar off in the Poetry Slam Jamboree.

For more information, call (804) 288-0477 or email.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Writing Opportunity: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Got a TRUE God story? Depending on the final contract with Zondervan, the anthology will pay $125-150 per story.

If God has made himself evident through an experience in your teen or young adult life or that of someone you know, share that story!

Irene Dunlap is a co-author of 6 books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and is now in production with True Volume 2, Who's this God Guy?, the follow-up book to her Zondervan anthology, True: Real Stories about God showing up in the Lives of Teens.

The mission of TRUE is to bring a higher understanding of God's character to teens and young adults.

A wide array of issues are covered in the stories in TRUE Volume 1, including sexual temptations and pregnancy, pressures to drink and do drugs, as well as true experiences depicting how God worked in various life situations in the lives of teens and young adults.

For writing guidelines as well as general information regarding TRUE Volume 2, go to: LifeWriters.com and click on the book icon for TRUE Vol. 2.

Please send all submissions to true@lifewriters.com.

by May 15, 2006.

Kevin Johnson Book Signing

Kevin Wayne Johnson will be discussing and signing Books #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 in the Give God the Glory! series of books and devotionals. These insightful books will teach readers about the importance of a personal relationship with God (book #1 Know God & Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life), how to handle the challenges 'on the job' through God's Word (book #2 Called to be Light in the Workplace), to understand what it means to be 'light' (gift book #3 Let Your Light So Shine), the Godly role of the man as husband and father, the woman as wife and mother, and the children's role(s) to obey and honor their parents (book #4 The Godly Family Life), and his newest release (gift book #5 Your Role in Your Family). Free giveaways and get free information on how to get published.

April 28 (Friday)
Virginia Commonwealth University
African-American Alumni Council Reunion Weekend
Sheraton Richmond West Hotel
6624 W. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 828-2586
7:30pm to 10:30pm

April 29th (Saturday)
Footsteps Entertainment Gospel World - Bookstore
141 East Belt Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23224
(804) 291-1468
noon to 2:00pm

April 30th (Sunday)
Midlothian Christian Fellowship
with Pastor Dwayne Sconion
10700 Academy Drive
Midlothian, VA 23112
(804) 379-5383
1:00pm to 2:30pm


Kevin Wayne Johnson
Founder, Writing for the Lord Ministries
Author, Give God the Glory! book series
TV Host, Give God the Glory!, Webcast:

Writing Opportunity: When God Steps In

Writer's Guidelines
WHEN GOD STEPS IN: Stories of Everyday Grace
Length: 800 words
Deadline: May 15, 2006

Premise: In My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers writes: "Faith must be tested, because it can only become your intimate possession through conflict." I'm seeking stories that reflect a turning point a distinct change that occurs as the result of God stepping into your circumstances.

I am seeking true stories from ordinary people husbands, wives, grandparents, sons, daughters, neighbors, friends--who have experienced a time when God intervened to teach a valuable lesson amid the hustle-bustle of life. While some stories will reflect an incident that changed only the person who experienced it, others' experiences have created ripples capable of impacting future generations.

As you consider sharing your own story, ask yourself how you have changed as a result of the experience. Was it a change of attitude toward another person? A change of heart toward God's role in your life? A career change led by the Lord? A more forgiving spirit? Perhaps you relocated as a result of God stepping in to direct you in a new direction. Or maybe He asked you to stay when you really felt like running away.

Please note that while we all love "miracle" stories, I am looking for unique, everyday situations as well stories that emphasize God's personal involvement in every facet of our lives. Some of the most life-changing events may seem "small" at first, until they sink in and change us. This book will minister to both believers and (hopefully) doubters, and I'd like them to see that God works in big and seemingly small ways. Each is a part of His bigger plan for our lives. Avoid the use of heavy "Christianese" that some might not understand. Speak of God in plain terms that will touch the hearts of both churched and unchurched readers.

Your story should convey an inner struggle or outer turmoil leading up to the life-changing moment. It must demonstrate a clear "Aha!" moment of some sort. Don't just narrate; show how it felt. Help readers feel your sense of stress or hopelessness. Show them how God stepped in to point you in a new direction. If God used others in your situation, please share dialogue as well. Perhaps you'll write about:

A moment when you allowed yourself the luxury of starting over
A moment when you supported someone with your silence
A moment when you learned something profound from a child
A moment when you conquered a long-standing fear
A moment when God clearly answered a desire of your heart
A moment when you viewed an everyday task in a new light
A moment when you set aside your pride and accepted help
A moment when you spoke up and made a difference
A moment when you found a new friend in the least-likely place
A moment when you gave up a grudge
A moment when God erased an emotional scar
A moment when a childhood memory lifted your spirits
A moment when a simple act of kindness made your day
A moment when a change of scenery made all the difference

To create a uniform flow, I will be rewriting all stories into third-person viewpoint. You will retain all rights to your original first-person account, and I will include an acknowledgment page that lists all fifty who contributed a story. Please send in a very brief bio (1-2 sentences) plus your website URL if you have one. DEADLINE to send stories is May 15. You may paste the text into the body of your email, or attach a MS Word file. Use WHEN GOD STEPS IN as your Subject line. (My email filter will thank you.) E-mail them to me at bonnie@bonniebruno.com.

I look forward to hearing how God has worked in your life!


Bonnie Bruno

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hobnob with CBA Stars

Dear Christians Who Write:

You won't want to miss this opportunity to hobnob with some of the top writers in the Christian Booksellers Association. The Writers View 2 (TWV2) is a spin off from a list I've been on for several years, The Writers View. TWV2 is for beginning writers. Read this thoroughly, and I would encourage you to join. This is just one more way accomplished Christian writers seek to share their success with beginners.

Begin Press Release:

TheWritersView (TWV) has impacted writers for almost four years. I've loved serving as moderator, except for one thing. . .

Every week we turn down writers. These are people who may be talented or on their way, but who are in the beginning to intermediate stage of their careers and ministries. We've sent them to other groups, hoping that they might meet their needs.

But no more!

TWV2 will launch on May 1, 2006.

This is a sister list with the same great format. TWV2 is for beginning to intermediate writers who want to take their writing to the next level. Cec, Carmen, and Lynn will all move to the new list as panelists. We will be adding additional panelists over the next two weeks.

TWV1 has a format that is unique. It's not chatty. It's topic-driven and tightly moderated. Our goals are:

1. To take writers to the next level
2. To create a strong network and strong friendships in the industry
3. To encourage and foster the craft of writing
4. To promote a team (writers, agents, publicists, editors,
journalists) mentality

The goals for TWV2 are the same. The guidelines are the same. The potential to help writers is exciting.

It may be that some of our TWV1 members may want to move to TWV2. If you've been frustrated that we've not addressed some of the basics, then jump on over. The panelists will be discussing the foundational tools such as craft, queries, and much, much more. If you need assistance with transferring your membership, let me know at ellerfamily@peoplepc.com.



1. Promotion -- Tell others about TWV2!
Group name: TWV2
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TWV2

2. Panelists for TWV1 -- looking for a seasoned children's book author, a seasoned novelist, and a working journalist (only considering long-time TWV1 members).

3. Panelists for TWV2 (only considering TWV1 members) -- author, agent, editor, freelance writer (articles).

4. Co-moderator for TWV2.

If you have questions or wish to volunteer as a panelist or co-moderator, please e-mail Suzie at ellerfamily@peoplepc.com.

Monday, April 17, 2006

April Meeting Notice

Richmond Christians Who Write
12114 Walnut Hill Dr. Rockville, VA 23146
Tel.: 804-749-4050
Fax: 804-749-4939
E-mail: RichmondCWW@aol.com
Blog: http://www.rcww.blogspot.com

Founder and Director:
Rev. Thomas C. Lacy

Barbara Baranowski

Marie Corso

Blog Master:
Michael Rew

April 14, 2006

Dear Christians Who Write:

April Meeting

Our next meeting will be April 23rd, (4th Sunday to avoid Easter), 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Grove Avenue Baptist Church. NOTE: Enter the church through the rear entrance closest to the Parham Road side of the building. Upon entering, look for the elevator on your left. Go to the 2nd floor. Turn right when getting off the elevator, go to the end of the hall, turn right, go to the first door on the left past the water cooler.

Tom Lacy will be speaking on: How to Sell Articles to Magazines. it has been said, "There is a book in everyone." And many RCWW members want to publish at least one. However, I've learned over the years that, in essence, books are a series of articles. Accomplished book writers have told me to start with articles and the end result may well be a book. Why?

Articles are easier to write than books. The possibility of getting an article published is far greater than getting a book published. If you can sell articles, book publishers will see you can write material magazine publishers will buy and magazine readers will read. You build an audience.

Articles reach a wider readership than books. A nonfiction book is considered successful if it sells 5,000 copies. Magazines are read by thousands and millions. As writers, we want to get the word out.

No, don't give on writing a book. But do think about starting at the article level.

2006 Meeting Schedule

May 21, June 11 (2nd Sunday to avoid Father's Day), July 16, August 20, September 17, October 13-14 RCWW, November 19.

Meeting Schedule

2:00-2:15 Sign In and Fellowship
2:15 Opening Prayer
2:15-2:45 Introductions and Announcements
2:45-3:45 Speaker or Workshop
3:45-4:00 Refreshments and Fellowship
4:00-4:55 Critique (Bring 20 copies, typed, double spaced)
4:55-5:00 Closing Prayer

Writing Conferences

In my March meeting notice I asked you to look for my letter about local writing conferences. (Sorry, but I didn't think it would take me this long to get back to you.) American Christian Writers (ACW), of which we are a chapter, has come to Richmond for the last seven years because of RCWW. This year the numbers were way down. Next year they will not come back to Richmond. Like any business, they have to make a profit to stay in business.

RCWW has held 4 fall conferences. We did not hold one in 2005 because the last two were not well attended. But I know conferences are vital to writers. And I know they are expensive to hold and expensive to attend.

A small local conference cannot afford to bring in top authors, editors, publishers and agents. So local conferences tend to be writing workshops focusing on learning the craft. We have locals wo are qualified to teach writing workshops, and I have called on the ones I know, and they have done a great job. But they have not been well attended. Even so, I have set aside the weekend of October 13-14 this year and October 19-20 in 2007 for holding conferences. I need your help in planning.

What features would you like included? What workshops would benefit you the most? Do you know local instructors, authors, editors and publishers I could contact? What would you be willing to do to help?

Obviously, I need prompt feed back. Let me hear from you soon.

Colorado Christian Writers Conference
May 17-20, 2006
Details: http://www.writehisanswer.com/Colorado

Write-to-Publish Conference
June 7-10, 2006
Details: http://www.writetopublish.com/

Sandy Cove Christian Writers' Conference, October 1-4, 2006
Details: http://www.sandycovewriters.com/

Critique Group/Accountability Partner

In teaching on this subject, I have said, "Two of the worst critiques a writer can get are: (1) 'It is perfect. I wouldn't change a word,' and (2) 'It stinks.' Although we would always like to get the former and never get the latter neither are good. Be that as it may, writers need their work critiqued. Writers need someone else to read their material objectively.

Top writers have told me they would never have made it to the top had they not been in a local critique group which is different from being in a local writers group -- not to minimize the value of the latter. I see this as one of our most needed features of our local writers group. But it is not enough that I see the need. You must see the need to make the commitment to getting your work critiqued and critiquing the work of others.

Yes, we do some critiquing at our monthly meeting. We have had testimony from those who have been helped. But, to me, the need is greater than can be covered in one hour once a month.

In the past I set up a weekly, evening session. It was well attend in the beginning, but it slowly diminished in attendance. It could have been the wrong night or the wrong location. But I am willing to promote another effort for extended critiquing. The difficulty is always finding the right night and the right place. Do you have suggestions?

It might be some of you would like to set up a time convenient to one or more writers in the group and schedule your meetings at random times. I would be willing to help you coordinate these sessions.

It might be the above would be more suitable to those writing the same genre. How can I help you get this started.

Many years ago I asked for facilitators in various parts of the greater Richmond area to lead neighborhood groups. Although I did not get a single response, this might be a opportune time to consider this set up.

Suffice it to say: I see a need and am willing to try to fill it.

Let me hear from you.

Dues and Mailing Lists

Dues, in the amount of $20.00, are payable January through June and $10.00 July through December. They may be paid at our monthly meetings or mailed to: Richmond Christians Who Write, 12114 Walnut Hill Drive, Rockville, VA 23146.

Check out our Blog! See you on April 23rd! Bring a friend!

Tom Lacy

Give God the Glory a National Bestseller

Congrats, Kevin!

Hello Family and Friends,

Give God the Glory! book series is now a national best seller. Booking Matters magazine, based out of Atlanta, maintains its list of fiction and non-fiction best selling books. Based upon February 2006 sales, this wonderful book series that God has given me has flourished like only God can do through His willing vessel (me). I take no credit, but do Give God the Glory!

For details, see: Booking Matters - April 2006 issue.

Thanks for your continued support. Happy Easter!!

Kevin Wayne Johnson
Writing for the Lord Ministries
Author, Give God the Glory! book
TV Host, Give God the Glory! Web
(web log)

Three Writing Opportunities

Trusting Him for Life After Divorce - a compilation of 1500 word testimonies. The stories should reflect the faithfulness, mercy, love, compassion and power of God through and after divorce. Tell your story for His glory! Help others in their time of heartache.

Trusting Him With Your Addicted Child - a compilation of 1500 word testimonies. Stories of parents with former, or presently, addicted children. Show how God sustained or sustains you. Let's encourage other parents in this situation with our own victories by God's power.

Deadline for the above two is June 15.

Keeping your Cool In the Midst of Medical Madness - a compilation of 2500 word stories by patients and health care providers. Tell your story of 'Medical Madness'.

Show how you kept your witness, good name, integrity, and peace in a hair-raising story of medical attention (or inattention). Let's encourage others to maintain, or adopt, a Christian witness in these stressful times.

The deadline is December 20, 2006.

For all submission, write in Times New Roman 12 and double space.

If your story is used, you will receive a book + discounts when the book is published. For further information, please contact Charlotte Holt here. For more information about Charlotte, please click here.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

How to Write a Novel Workshop

There are a number of people who would like to attend the "How to Write a Novel" one-day workshop, but who can't make it on Easter Sunday. So we are also offering it on Saturday 29th April. Please let me know if you would like to attend on that date.

How To Write a Novel
A one-day workshop that explores the basic essentials of novel writing. It examines plot and character development, building scenes, creating movement and a dynamic plot, chapter and thematic structure, and much more. Cost, includes coffee, cookies and a quality buffet lunch: $55.00. To be held in downtown Charlottesville.

Learn more: How To Write a Novel

Christian Publishing Web Conference

Greetings, Christian Writer:

I would like to invite you to a free two-part Christian Publishing Web Conference so you can investigate all your publishing options in today's competitive publishing world.

Starting on Tuesday, the 18th of April, 2006, I will be presenting the "You Can Do It! Get Your Christian Book Published and Your Message Out" in an interactive web conference format, two information packed 90-minute sessions.

If you want to get noticed by a royalty publisher and would like to see the alternative options you have available to do so, join me for the Part 1 of the two part conference. If you're more interested in knowing how to create a platform and consider many possible ways to promote your book once in print, attend Part 2 of this informative conference. Or join me for both!

As long as you have high speed internet access and a phone line you can join us from anywhere in the United States.

WinePress Publishing is recommended by Christian publishing industry experts as a viable option worth taking the time to investigate.

Visit the Web Conference sign up page for details. Hope to see you there!

Warm Regards,

Athena Dean
Acquisitions Editor for WinePress
WinePress Publishing Group
Your Partner in Custom Publishing & Promotion

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

75th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition Call for Entries

March 29, 2006

It's the competition's 75th year, and we're celebrating by giving away more than $30,000 in cash and prizes! Visit to enter today ... winning could be your ticket to writing success!

Grand Prize: $3,000 cash and an all-expense paid trip to New York City. That's right, Writer's Digest will fly you and a guest to The Big Apple, where you'll share your winning work with four editors or agents!

1,001 winners will be chosen in all! Visit for prizes, guidelines and to enter online. Just be sure to send us your best by the May 15, 2006 deadline.

Don't wait--enter the 75th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition today!

*** Plus, reserve your copy of the 75th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition Collection! This exclusive book published by Outskirts Press will contain the Grand Prize-winning manuscript, the First Place manuscript in each category, and the names of all 1,001 winners of the 75th Annual Competition. Visit to order your copy online!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

RSVP by April 6th for Writers Workshop

Dear Christians Who Write:

Please call Tom Lacy (749-4050) to register for the Saturday, April 8th Writers Workshop on or before Thursday, April 6th. Please do not call the church.

Note we are meeting in the gray house. Park near the children's play set.

Writing Workshop taught by Barbara Baranowski
Practical Suggestions for Writing and Publishing Articles

Saturday, April 8, 2006
Winn's Baptist Church
12320 Winn's Church Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059

Come off Rt. 295 at the Montpelier Exit, (Rt. 33), pass Tyson's Chicken, turn right on Rt. 660, Winn's Church Road, go approx. 2 miles, church on left. We will be meeting in the gray house beside the church.

Bring a bag lunch if you want to have fellowship after the workshop. Beverages furnished.

9:00-9:15: Sign In, Fellowship, Opening Prayer

Opening Comments: Tom Lacy
Richmond Christians Who Write

Part 1: Writing Workshop:
Recognizing the Writer's Wilderness and Gaining Skills to Move On

10:30-10:45: Fellowship Break

Part 2: Writing Workshop:
Getting There: Technical Know-How for Increasing your Possibilities

11:30-12:30: Question & Answer Session/Concluding Remarks

FREE TO MEMBERS - $10.00 at the door for NONMEMBERS

CALL Tom Lacy (749-4050) for details