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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wedding Bells for Maxine Bersch!

Maxine Bersch is a master storyteller who has spoken at Richmond Christians Who Write in the past. She wrote in an open letter:

I was in Arizona visiting with my children in December amd January. While there, I came down with pneumonia, and I was very ill. When that happened, it scared my valentine, Bill Lovern, and since we are both seniors, he was convinced we should not wait around until April as we had previously planned. (I should tell you, I think, that we knew each other many years ago, and we renewed our acquaintance after he moved back to Richmond to be near his daughter.)

Our Sunday School class announced the upcoming Valentine dinner on the 12th following the morning worship service. I had the brainstorm that we could make it a real Valentine dinner by having our wedding as a feature. I called our teacher and he was elated, so he called the class president, and the result is that this is a Sojourner Class celebration. They are taking charge of the decorations and the cake, and everything is going to be lovely.

This [the wedding] is at Derbyshire Baptist Church, in the chapel at 12:30. You are welcome to attend [the ceremony] if you wish. I regret I am not free to invite you to the dinner, for this is a Sojourner Class affair.

Feel free to announce that Maxine J. Bersch and William H. Lovern will be married at Derbyshire Baptist Church on Sunday the 12th. Dr. Keith Smith, Pastor, will perform the ceremony. The couple will continue to live in Richmond. Thanks for your prayers!

Maxine Bersch

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