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Monday, February 13, 2006

New Cloth to Cloth

New Cloth to Cloth

My heart, if not my garments, has been rent
because my sinfulness has been revealed
and now, convicted, cannot be concealed
unless I will confess. I will repent.
O God, divide my thought from my intent.
A sharper sword than any man will wield,
the Scripture pierces me, yet I am healed,
confounding what the adversary meant.
But how, O Father, does my spirit mend?
For I remember how You have been wroth.
Yet higher are Your thoughts; thus, I intend
to store this treasure neither thief nor moth
can steal or can corrupt. No one will rend
this covering You knit, new cloth to cloth.

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Psonnets and Other Poems of Life, Love, and the Lord
Copyright 2006 by Michael Rew
All Rights Reserved to the Glory of God


Jim Flowers said...

The poem was very good and kept my
attention. I'm glad to know that
you have such high moral standards.
We need that today in light of all
the bad things one might hear about
in the news. I felt as though the
poem revealed the author's opinion
of certain issues and did not
ramble on with extra verbage.

Anonymous said...

God's loving, redemptive Spirit is revealed in a powerful way through the words of your poem. It reminds us to make sure that we are operating in His Spirit and Truth or the "new wine" that He intends for us will be corrupted.